Our Work

What we do

At C&E we co-create solutions whose effects go beyond a company’s bottom-line; an NGO’s funding needs, or a Government entity’s targets. We are particularly adept at creating, nurturing, scaling and helping to sustain high-impact, cross-sector collaborations. We challenge, encourage and support our clients to think of the outcome they would ‘love’; to be visionary in their approach; to transcend ‘what is’ and consider ‘what could be’: then together we focus on how we will make it happen...

At C&E experience has taught us that today’s challenges are often better solved when actors from different sectors come together around common interests.  We work with leading businesses to scope and support the delivery of inclusive, sustainable shareholder value; with NGOs to secure mission-led change and with ambitious philanthropists to deliver high-impact social and environmental solutions: taking care to avoid the risks of “corporate green wash” or “NGO soul-selling”.  

How we do it

Our style is collaborative and customised: we don’t begin with preconceived ideas and overly rigid processes; we take the time to listen, understand your context and ask the right questions before we develop our response. Together with our clients we engage, collaborate and co-create solutions built on the principles of enlightened self-interest with soul and enduring value...

When we know what you need we select the right team of people for you; together we develop the framework and navigate through the processes to achieve your strategic objectives and effect enduring and often profound, change.

We are here to help you (our services):

We are here to help you ask the right questions: the value of which is often underestimated. Asking the right questions not only re-sets context, it also signposts where we will find the answers, cutting through complacency and challenging the status quo...

Taking the time to ask the right questions is productive, positive and creative, significantly enhancing your ability to influence and develop outcomes and have the impact you are seeking.  

If you’re a Business we help you enhance your shareholder, stakeholder and brand value by focusing on purpose-led growth. If you’re an NGO or ambitious philanthropist we help you maximise your impact and realise your vision. Whether you’re an organisation or individual – we will help you harness and fulfill your potential as an agent of change.

Our services are summarised below. Please get in touch to explore how we can help you secure the most compelling, sustainable value – for your business, for society and for the environment.

Corporate NGOs High Impact Philanthropic Services
We offer a full menu of sustainability and CR services, including: Innovation processes to enhance service delivery Highly customized services designed to help major, ambitious philanthropist secure their personal, social and environmental goals:
Sustainability and CR strategies and programmes Change management Proactive, high-impact Philanthropic strategy
Full-range issues coverage: from human rights and supply chain to diversity and climate change Corporate engagement strategies and programmes Advisory, legal and governance matters
Shared value / inclusive business consultancy services Cross-sector partnership development Global philanthropy solutions e.g.
Social/environmental product and service innovation, including 'bottom of the pyramid' consumers Partnership evaluations Setting up foundations and charities
Stakeholder engagement and impact reporting processes Product and brand valuation services Evaluating and scaling performance and impact
Strategic Community Investment programme design and management Coaching, team development and leadership services Navigating through issues and challenges
Covering strategy, partner search and selection Cross-sector partnership development Building networks of collaborative, ambitious philanthropists
Partnership evaluations (mid or end of term) Bespoke development of innovative propositions, interventions, products and services
Brand-led cause-marketing programmes
Corporate-NGO or corporate-public collaborations and partnerships
Coaching and training to help navigate the path from challenge to opportunity

If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on it, I would use the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.