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Funders Initiative for Civil Society (FICS) brings diverse funders together to tackle the problem of shrinking civic space. Founded by a group of institutional and family foundations, FICS works to defend and expand civic space: the physical, digital, and legal conditions through which progressive movements and their allies organise, participate, and create change. With clear evidence that civil society space is being eroded, and that this trend impacts all sectors negatively, FICS was keen to better engage with the private sector. Following contextual research and analysis, C&E was asked to convene and facilitate dialogue with relevant businesses to explore areas of common interest and collaboration.

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The bilateral dialogues and roundtable discussions convened and moderated by C&E helped members of the FICS Advisory Board to develop rich insights into business perspectives on the closing spaces agenda. They also helped several global businesses to gain awareness of possible solutions. These insights informed the strategies and responses of FICS philanthropic funders as well as the supply chain and related ESG policies and practices of some of the businesses involved in the dialogue.

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