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We know boundaries are increasingly blurring across the responsibilities, expectations and relationships between businesses, non-profits, and the public sector. The urgent, complex economic, social, and environmental crises we’re facing demand more collaboration, ingenuity, and courage to make rapid change than ever before. We all must do more with less.

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As a team of change-makers, creative problem-solvers, strategists, communicators, trusted advisors, and coaches

We help to design, challenge, and support the delivery of inclusive, sustainable strategies that enable purpose-led businesses and brands to thrive. We enable non-profits to transform their performance, secure greater resources to enhance mission delivery, and address their ESG imperatives. And we challenge and support ambitious philanthropists to optimise the sustainable impact of their social and environmental investments.


We are particularly adept at and enjoy inspiring and enabling well thought-through cross-sector partnerships to help approach strategic challenges from diverse viewpoints and deliver the kind of value where two plus two equals more than four. We think this kind of collaboration can be part of many organisations’ recipes for sustainable success.

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Our approach

All our clients and projects are unique, but our approach looks like this

  1. We take the time to listen
    understand your context, your stakeholders and ask the right questions to get under the skin of your challenge.
  2. We use the collective wisdom
    of our team to research and develop our initial response and select the right set of people with the skills and experience to match your project.
  3. Together we work with you
    to create the framework and processes to achieve your strategic objectives, and we co-develop tailored solutions that are built to last and scale.
  4. We can help implement
    programmes, monitor, analyse and report on effectiveness, and build insights into future iterations.

Our services 


For businesses:

Designing, challenging and supporting the delivery of inclusive, sustainable strategies to help purpose-led businesses and brands thrive

  • Design and co-creation of sustainability / ESG strategies and programmes – covering people, product, planet, community, and governance
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategic consultancy
  • Facilitating multi-stakeholder processes and workshops
  • Stakeholder engagement and impact reporting
  • Strategic community investment programme design and management – including partner search and selection
  • Partnership reviews and transformation
  • Brand-led cause marketing programme design and management
  • Social/environmental product and service innovation
  • Leadership coaching, training and team development around the sustainability / ESG agenda
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For non-profits:

Transforming performance, securing greater resources to enable mission delivery, and addressing the ESG imperative

  • Design and co-creation of ESG strategies and programmes – covering people, product, planet, community, and governance
  • Corporate engagement strategies and programmes
  • Cross-sector partnership development
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategic consultancy
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Partnership reviews and transformation
  • Product and brand valuation services
  • Change management
  • Leadership coaching, training, and team development
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For high impact philanthropists:

Challenging and supporting ambitious philanthropists to optimise the sustainable impact of their social and environmental investments

  • Bespoke services to help ambitious philanthropists towards their social and environmental goals – including developing innovative propositions, solutions, interventions, and products
  • High impact philanthropic strategy development – including global philanthropy solutions
  • Advisory, legal, and governance
  • Establishing foundations and charities
  • Evaluating performance and impact
  • Navigating challenges, risks, and issues
  • Creating and enhancing networks in the social and environmental ecosystems
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Cross-sector collaborations:

We are particularly adept at and enjoy inspiring and enabling well thought-through cross-sector partnerships

  • Convening multi-sector, multi-stakeholder actors around material themes and agendas
  • Aligning stakeholders around a common compelling mission
  • Facilitating the creation of agreed theories of change, joint plans, programmes to aid delivery, and accountability and impact framework
  • Advisory services – including reviews and evaluations - to hold stakeholders to account
  • Creating communications and stakeholder engagement strategies

Who we've helped

Turning purpose, mission, and cause into effective, impactful action

We’ve been privileged to work with some of the world’s foremost businesses, trusted non-profits, and respected philanthropists, advising and challenging them on their journey to create sustainable long-term value for society and the planet.

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Working with C&E is a joy.  They listen hard and get what we’re looking to achieve; act as a brilliant supportive challenger; and make us better at what we do and how we do it.  C&E has helped us create more value for the organisation, our people and the world around us.


By having a sound understanding of the world in which businesses operate, while at the same time speaking the language of other stakeholders, C&E Advisory delivers the added value we are looking for when developing strategy, partnerships and internal awareness.


C&E are excellent at handling difficult situations with elegance, respect, and a clear sense of direction.

Very good in adapting to situations, they are intelligent, emotionally mature and highly effective.

Greenpeace International

C&E provided invaluable strategic guidance and counsel on the expansion of our programme globally. They brought an objective external perspective to the development of a set of options for our path forward. Their team was responsive, communicative and a pleasure to work with throughout the project

The Oak Foundation
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C&E have helped us find creative and future-focused solutions to core organisational priorities: driving forward our ESG agenda, securing new cross-sector partnerships and our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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