C&E Advisory

We believe
in the power of
cause and effect

C&E are excellent at handling difficult situations with elegance, respect and a clear sense of direction.

Very good in adapting to situations, they are intelligent, emotionally mature and highly effective.

Gerd Leipold, Former International Executive Director, Greenpeace International

Working with C&E is a joy.  They listen hard and get what we’re looking to achieve; act as a brilliant supportive challenger; and make us better at what we do and how we do it.  C&E has helped us create more value for the organisation, our people and the world around us.

Bella Vuillermoz Group Director, Operations, Sky

C&E provided invaluable strategic guidance and counsel on the expansion of our programme globally. They brought an objective external perspective to the development of a set of options for our path forward. Their team was responsive, communicative and a pleasure to work with throughout the project

Heather Graham, Director Learning Differences Programme, The Oak Foundation

Comic Relief has been delighted to work with C&E on a range of projects. They have helped us find creative and future-focused solutions to core organisational priorities: driving forward our ESG agenda; securing new cross-sector partnerships; and our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Ruth Davison, CEO, Comic Relief