Lycia Harper

Sustainability & change

Lycia is an organisation development consultant specialising in sustainability and change. She provides strategy, insight, coaching and facilitation within a complexity framework; that is, with an understanding of how complex human systems behave. Lycia helps people develop ‘system sight’ - greater awareness of the dynamics of systems of which they form a part and the points of leverage where intervention can have most impact. 

Lycia worked in marketing and operations for 14 years for charities, consultancy, AOL and Vodafone before moving into sustainability. Today, she works with not-for-profit and commercial organisations to help them work more sustainably and have more impact. 

Recent projects include resilience and visioning work for Bristol City Council, organisational change for a large arts organisation, a culture change evaluation for the flagship programme of a national membership organisation, and coaching and leadership work around mental models and behaviours, helping individuals and groups explore their potential to catalyse and support positive, sustainable change.

Lycia holds an MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice and is a member of the Association of Sustainability Practitioners and the SROI (social return on investment) UK Network.

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