Deepa Mirchandani

Sustainability & stakeholder engagement

Deepa has 15 years of experience working in the private and NGO sectors, helping organisations understand the challenges, risks and motivators in these different worlds to create social and sustainable business change. ​

She has worked for human rights and international development NGOs and with UN agencies, in corporate sustainability consulting and communications, as well as with social entrepreneurs. This has helped hone a deep understanding of social justice issues and developed core consulting skills to support organisations achieve their objectives. ​

Working with companies across sectors with complex challenges, Deepa has helped develop appropriate solutions. These include, managing stakeholder communications for extractives with human rights issues; helping FMCGs with complicated supply chains to better understand their risks and value chain vulnerabilities; and working with those thinking about how they can adapt and transform their business models to be capable of competing in a sustainable world. 

In the social impact space, Deepa has worked with organisations that are promoting sustainable livelihoods, inclusive agricultural practices, access to sanitation, human rights and international development. This point of intersection - where in its own interests, business can be used to fight poverty and be used effectively to meet social and economic challenges – resonates most strongly with Deepa’s interests. 

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