Celine Mckeown

Purpose-led growth

Celine supports purpose-driven people and organisations to identify and express their unique role in the complex system of social and environmental change. 

Celine has 15 years experience supporting and consulting at board and operational levels in organisations such as Unilever, Vodafone, Virgin, John Lewis, Pearson, Philips, African Governance Initiative,  Greenpeace, UNICEF and Zappos. Celine’s expertise bridges brand strategy, org. purpose, leadership development, organisational change, values integration, sustainability strategy, social investment and cross-sector partnerships. 

Celine is a qualified executive coach and experienced leadership development  and organisational change practioner. Based in London, Celine is able to facilitate in French and Spanish.


  • 15 years+ experience working at board and operational levels
  • Since 2002, Celine has been consulting on positive change in the following areas:
  • Corporate Responsibility (Vodafone, Virgin Unite, BSkyB, Accenture, UBS, Mars)
  • Brand Strategy (Greenpeace International, BOND, ProForest, True Energy)
  • Corporate Partnerships (UNICEF, Macmillan, Breast Cancer Care, Prostate Cancer UK)
  • Multi-stakeholder innovation (Ulab, Climate Development Knowledge Network)
  • Organisational transformation, senior team coaching & culture change (Zappos, John Lewis, Pearson, Airbus)
  • Executive coaching  & Leadership Development (African Governance Initiative, Brooke International, Shell, Phillips, HSBC)
  • 7+ years with Unilever in various brand roles, her final as the project manager for Unilever’s brand launch in 2001. 


  • Certificate of Advanced Coaching Skills, Results Coaching Systems 
  • ORSC  (Organisational Relationship Systems Coaching) fundamentals
  • U process, Presencing Institute.
  • MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice, (Uni. Of Bath), a programme founded by Anita Roddick to research the impact of business on international development.
  • BSc in Economics and Politics (2:1), (Uni. of Bristol)


  • Redefining “success” (for individuals and organisations) through Right Livelihood defined as meaningful, self-sustaining work on behalf of people and planet.
  • Integrating people, brand and sustainability
  • ‘Whole person’ coaching- integrating & balancing the professional and personal
  • Linking business and society through cross-sector partnership, multi-stakeholder events and social innovation technologies.

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