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Those that embark on the philanthropic journey often do so with passion, enthusiasm and above all ambition: no wonder then that at its best, world-wide philanthropy has now become a frontier and incubator of creativity and innovation; helping to drive systemic change, nurturing economic development and scaling up giving.

Corporate–NGO partnerships have become a cornerstone of interaction between businesses and non-profits. 

And when they’re effective, it’s a win–win situation. Businesses feel the warm glow of ‘doing good’ and fulfilling their responsibility agenda (not to mention the positive brand associations they engender), and the NGO benefits from resources, network and reach beyond their own capabilities.

We know from the annual C&E Corporate-NGO Partnerships Barometer and from practical experience that partnerships between companies and NGOs continue to evolve apace, and they are becoming increasingly strategic. Cash is no longer king. With fundraising shifting from a central role, partnerships are more often about alignment of values and achievement of mission and core objectives.  And as a result they require deeper levels of engagement of stakeholders on all sides.

C&E and The Next Practice share an operational model in newly released paper.

Over recent years, C&E has been working with Warner Bros. in the UK, advising the company on the evolution of its CR agenda across various strands.

The future looks great for Corporate-NGO collaborations, but only the savviest players are likely to reap full rewards.

There's a growing list of significant, competency based corporate-NGO collaborations which are successfully combining the unique assets of each player to deliver service or product solutions that s

Why NGO's need to work with businesses, not against them