C&E Corporate-NGO Partnerships Barometer 2015

Collective Perspectives

Input fromover 130 leading companies, NGOs and agencies

Reputation (for corporates) and funding (for NGOs) are lead reasons for partnering.

Innovation and access to people & contacts increasingly important for NGOs.

The move to higher value partnerships continues

Continued confidence that strategic partnerships are meeting their objectives and delivering expected value

Businesses and NGOs increasingly aligned around the perceived value of non-financial assets to NGOs. A sea change in NGO sentiment regarding the role of non-financial engagement in supporting mission delivery…

Partnerships increasingly move the dial (1): They help businesses improve their understanding of social and environmental issues…

Partnerships increasingly move the dial: (2). They help change business practices for the better

A new paradigm? Consortium-based Corporate-NGO partnerships will be more prevalent in future 

The Most Admired Partnerships: 

M&S-Oxfam triumphs again; stronger competition from Boots-Macmillan. And consortia-based partnerships make a notable entry. 

Bright future in prospect (1): The growing importance of Corporate-NGO partnerships likely to continue unabated in the medium term…

Bright future in prospect (2): Companies and NGOs are likely to invest more resources in cross-sector partnering over the next three years... 

C&E Corporate-NGO Partnerships Barometer 2015

The C&E Corporate-NGO Partnerships Barometer 2015 assesses the motivations, drivers, barriers, enablers, role models, trends and forecasts for Corporate-NGO partnering. It is created with input from 130 leading businesses and NGOs. Our focus topic for this 2015 edition is: Consortia based Corporate-NGO partnering.

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